30 Jul

List of Topics to Choose for a Law Dissertation

Writing a law dissertation can be challenging. You need to find the relevant cases, data, and regulations capable of addressing your research problem. To develop the research question, you need to examine pertinent facts of the field to ensure relevance. Use of the proper legal authorities and terms is critical, especially if it is your first time. There are many law dissertation topics to choose from in the various fields of law. The article will provide you with the dissertation help you need in your chosen field you are writing your law dissertation.

Business law dissertation topics

Dissertation topics in business law cover various subjects such as real estate, credit transactions, business contracts, bankruptcy, and forms of secured transactions. The business law area of law contains the substantive jurisprudence that applies to any forms of business relations, trade, businesses, rights of sales, and all things concerned with commerce. Some law dissertation topics in business field areas within the United Kingdom can be:

  • Effects of the international commercial law on the transfer of risk in a business
  • Effects of the tripartite system of finance in the United Kingdom on the states’ economic development
  • Review of the anti-corruption legislation and effect on businesses of a state.
  • The impact of the hard laws and soft laws on the governance of a company in relation to the accountability of directors
  • The impact of the laws governing investment services within the European Union on the financial service markets in the European Union

Immigration and human rights laws dissertation topics

The immigration and human rights laws aim to ensure the protection of human rights at all levels: international, regional and domestic level. The nature of existence as a global village makes these laws a focus for many law scholars and policymakers.  The choice of dissertation topic in international law to consider in the branch of law include:

  • Investigation on prisoner’s right to vote under the human rights law of Europe
  • The effect of international migration policies on the education industry
  • Investigating the impact of immigration detention privatization and related functions of the state
  • Critical analysis of immigration policies in Britain

Covid-19 Pandemic Law topics for your dissertation

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the most recent occurrences you can choose to focus on in your dissertation as it is an international problem. If you seek the most current event to cover in your dissertation, get topic for dissertation in international law focusing on pandemic laws. Some options of topics to give you ideas of topics to settle on are:

  • Effect of the Corona Virus pandemic on employment in the developing and developed economies of the world
  • A legal perspective of navigating the pandemic in the international sphere
  • Investigation on rumors of martial laws enforcement a result of the pandemic despite reassurances
  • Investigating the pandemic preparedness of organizations seeking to resume operations in the workplace


To present the best dissertation as a law student, you need to identify the best topic. The best and right choice of a topic needs to enable you to incorporate new ideas and experiments on the existing law theories covered in dissertations before. You are required to aim at adding knowledge to the field of coverage. Remember that law studies are interrelated with other disciplines such as engineering and healthcare, among others. Therefore, your options are vast. The essential factor in choosing the field that you understand how it is interrelated with your law studies. From the correct interpretation, you will develop a sound and articulate dissertation. Have a logical research topic so that you do not spend too much time and effort going back and forth in researching. After choosing a topic, remember to seek your supervisor’s input and confirmation before writing your dissertation. Such information will ensure your dissertation is unique, logical, able to solve practical problems, and can be implemented practically. That is the whole point of a dissertation.

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