30 Jul

Catchy Topic Ideas for Smooth Thesis Writing

You may have a difficult time selecting a good thesis topic for your bachelor’s degree thesis. Thesis writing is hard as you are expected to write about a subject that no one has ever covered before. It requires the production of original work, meaning you need to carry out extensive research to create a key theme of your thesis. It would be best if you were confident with your choice of topic to have reduced stress and worry about finishing your bachelor thesis. Such an article is meant to provide you with the thesis writing help you need to choose a topic and write your bachelor thesis.

When choosing a topic, it is essential to consider some factors such as:

  • Your interest level in that field of research associated with the thesis topic.
  • Your experience level with the subject to be covered according to the topic.
  • Your audience should find the topic interesting.

The best thesis topics ideas

Various sources of inspiration can guide you into choosing a thesis topic for your bachelor’s program. If you are still wondering how to find a bachelor thesis topic, here are suggestions that will help you reach your decision based on some of the common fields of study.

Technology related research topic options

Some of the thesis topics from technology fields can focus on:

  • The impact of cryogenic on the future generation of humanity
  • The effects of Google search engine on the intelligence level of the younger generation
  • The result of cloud technologies on data storage
  • The practical ways that technology can be used in a classroom setting to promote better performance and understanding.
  • The evolution of cybercrime and the effect on business operations

Business related research topics options

In current world, businesses are adopting various strategies in the operations of their activities. Business models keep changing to promote the survival of a business in the dynamic economic environment. Some topics that can provide you with aspirations to settle on a given topic can be like the ones mentioned below:

  • The impact of creative marketing on business sales.
  • Sexual harassment issues and the effects on the reputation of a firm.
  • Corporate law and its effect on the business operations and activities of a firm.
  • Workforce regulation and the impact it has on organizational hiring and planning of tasks.

Economics related research topic options

The economic field is vast, with many principles and theories to evaluate the economic situations at a global level. Some of the relevant topics for your thesis can be based on the highlighted subjects below:

  • The importance of business valuation on the global financial system.
  • Effect of the market value of a business on corporate finance.
  • Effects of state and business interaction on the global economy.
  • Impact of world commodity markets volatility on financial stability.
  • Cost-based pricing methods and their implications on a business during times of financial crisis.

Criminal law-related research topic options

Criminal law regulations are under the law studies, and you can choose topics based on:

  • Effects of cyber-bullying on the present generation.
  • The level of corruption existing in current legal systems.
  • The prospective consequences of the legalization of marijuana nationwide.
  • The impact of same-sex marriage legalization on the social quality of life.

Healthcare-related research topic options

Health and Medicare topis of research can cover various subjects such as:

  • The effects of nanotechnology on human health and the environment.
  • The impact of the adoption of information technology on biomedicine.
  • The potential effects of depression on first-time mothers.
  • The effect of adolescent health status on academic performance.


There are other fields such as history, education, and computer science, among many more, that can give you ideas of the topic of research you will find interesting. Having the best research topic is not enough to produce the best research paper. Therefore, once you have identified your research topic, find out what you expect to prove at the end of your research paper, the problem you are trying to solve. Have any arguments presented in your paper backed up by research to keep your paper relevant, creative, and impressive to your supervisor. Based on your strength and choice of an exciting topic, you will produce an excellent bachelor thesis paper.

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