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On completion of the program, the BDS graduates will :

  • Undertake the full range of duties of a dentist in keeping with the underlying scientific evidence as defined by Nepal Medical Council.
  • Demonstrate ethical standards in the treatment of patients.
  • Demonstrate respect for all people, independent of culture, language or background.
  • Understand the implications of social justice in the provision of health care.
  • Demonstrate skills in communication that match the needs of patients, colleagues and associates in the profession.
  • Demonstrate skills in maintaining the legal rights of the patient, particularly with relevance to confidentiality and consent.
  • Abide by the appropriate health and safety requirements for the ethical practice of the profession.
  • Apply clinical and scientific principles related to the management of oral and dental conditions across all population groups in the community.
  • Implement the lifelong learning skills and commitment to continuous professional development ensuring maintenance of contemporary practice.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to effective oral health promotion at the individual and community level.
  • Be able to provide effective oral health care for Indigenous people.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the unique health care requirements of rural and remote parts of the country.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of research methods and their place in dental science.