30 Jul

Catchy Topic Ideas for Smooth Thesis Writing

You may have a difficult time selecting a good thesis topic for your bachelor’s degree thesis. Thesis writing is hard as you are expected to write about a subject that no one has ever covered before. It requires the production of original work, meaning you need to carry out extensive research to create a key theme of your thesis. It would be best if you were confident with your choice of topic to have reduced stress and worry about finishing your bachelor thesis. Such an article is meant to provide you with the thesis writing help you need to choose a topic and write your bachelor thesis.

When choosing a topic, it is essential to consider some factors such as:

  • Your interest level in that field of research associated with the thesis topic.
  • Your experience level with the subject to be covered according to the topic.
  • Your audience should find the topic interesting.

The best thesis topics ideas

Various sources of inspiration can guide you into choosing a thesis topic for your bachelor’s program. If you are still wondering how to find a bachelor thesis topic, here are suggestions that will help you reach your decision based on some of the common fields of study.

Technology related research topic options

Some of the thesis topics from technology fields can focus on:

  • The impact of cryogenic on the future generation of humanity
  • The effects of Google search engine on the intelligence level of the younger generation
  • The result of cloud technologies on data storage
  • The practical ways that technology can be used in a classroom setting to promote better performance and understanding.
  • The evolution of cybercrime and the effect on business operations

Business related research topics options

In current world, businesses are adopting various strategies in the operations of their activities. Business models keep changing to promote the survival of a business in the dynamic economic environment. Some topics that can provide you with aspirations to settle on a given topic can be like the ones mentioned below:

  • The impact of creative marketing on business sales.
  • Sexual harassment issues and the effects on the reputation of a firm.
  • Corporate law and its effect on the business operations and activities of a firm.
  • Workforce regulation and the impact it has on organizational hiring and planning of tasks.

Economics related research topic options

The economic field is vast, with many principles and theories to evaluate the economic situations at a global level. Some of the relevant topics for your thesis can be based on the highlighted subjects below:

  • The importance of business valuation on the global financial system.
  • Effect of the market value of a business on corporate finance.
  • Effects of state and business interaction on the global economy.
  • Impact of world commodity markets volatility on financial stability.
  • Cost-based pricing methods and their implications on a business during times of financial crisis.

Criminal law-related research topic options

Criminal law regulations are under the law studies, and you can choose topics based on:

  • Effects of cyber-bullying on the present generation.
  • The level of corruption existing in current legal systems.
  • The prospective consequences of the legalization of marijuana nationwide.
  • The impact of same-sex marriage legalization on the social quality of life.

Healthcare-related research topic options

Health and Medicare topis of research can cover various subjects such as:

  • The effects of nanotechnology on human health and the environment.
  • The impact of the adoption of information technology on biomedicine.
  • The potential effects of depression on first-time mothers.
  • The effect of adolescent health status on academic performance.


There are other fields such as history, education, and computer science, among many more, that can give you ideas of the topic of research you will find interesting. Having the best research topic is not enough to produce the best research paper. Therefore, once you have identified your research topic, find out what you expect to prove at the end of your research paper, the problem you are trying to solve. Have any arguments presented in your paper backed up by research to keep your paper relevant, creative, and impressive to your supervisor. Based on your strength and choice of an exciting topic, you will produce an excellent bachelor thesis paper.

30 Jul

Useful Tips to Help You in the Thesis Writing Process

Are you having trouble developing your thesis? Would you like to learn valuable strategies to help boost your thesis writing skills? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. This article will look at different tips and strategies that you can implement to develop your thesis faster and more efficiently. If you are having trouble coming up with a thesis, then this is an article you will not want to miss out on.

Coming up with a thesis can be a somewhat intimidating process for a lot of people. I mean, it takes a lot of brainstorming and thinking out of the box to develop an exciting thesis. PhD thesis writing is among the hardest in terms of complexity and logic. How long does it take to write a PhD thesis? Due to its complexity, it takes around 13 to 20 months.

The tips that we shall talk about in this article will help even those facing very complex thesis writing. We shall answer questions such as, how can I write my PhD thesis? Efficiently. Hence follow along as we unravel this exciting mystery.

Write my PhD thesis top tips:

Beware of the Examiners’ Expectations

When going through your thesis, the examiners shall focus on a couple of aspects which include:

  • If your paper is well-written and has a coherent argument
  • Reasonable, logical links which intercede theoretical perspectives
  • If you have a rigid understanding of your theory
  • Cleaver, creative and original work
  • If there is confidence in the paper

Remember that your examiner will see you through your paper; hence you should give it your all. The examiner will therefore expect the process of writing thesis paper to bring out:

  1. Advancement of knowledge as per your research methods plus the principles which relate to your specific discipline.
  2. If your work engages the work of other people and literature
  3. If you are writing a PhD thesis, then they will look original and significant knowledge contribution.
  4. If you are developing an MPhil thesis, then they will look for the original knowledge application.

With such things in mind, you should ensure to put them into consideration to develop a stunning thesis.

Learn from other People

Reading the thesis of other people can inspire you and guide you towards writing your thesis. Using this strategy, you can easily know what the examiners expect you to do. There are many different resources online that provide pre-written essays that you can use for inspiration. To get a high-quality thesis, you can try looking up thesis that received the examiner’s commendation.

When going through other people thesis, focus on these aspects:

  1. The way in which people link ideas and how they introduce them
  2. The argument structuring
  3. The manner in which they show their confidence and how they sum up their conclusion from the evidence they have
  4. The questions that they discuss in each section

Such information can be beneficial when it comes to writing your thesis. Also, focus on the usage of some standard terms such as:

  1. The papers thesis result suggests that.
  2. The alternative of addressing a said problem x can be y

Check on Clarity and Logic

Some thesis writing skills require the inclusion of clarity and logic. Here are some tips to assist you in this:

  1. Develop an outline
  2. Plan the paragraphs logically using the questions that require answers
  3. Creating a linking flow chart that incorporates all the main ideas.


Developing a thesis can be quite a hassle. However, if you implement the tips discussed in this article, you will write your thesis easily.

30 Jul

List of Topics to Choose for a Law Dissertation

Writing a law dissertation can be challenging. You need to find the relevant cases, data, and regulations capable of addressing your research problem. To develop the research question, you need to examine pertinent facts of the field to ensure relevance. Use of the proper legal authorities and terms is critical, especially if it is your first time. There are many law dissertation topics to choose from in the various fields of law. The article will provide you with the dissertation help you need in your chosen field you are writing your law dissertation.

Business law dissertation topics

Dissertation topics in business law cover various subjects such as real estate, credit transactions, business contracts, bankruptcy, and forms of secured transactions. The business law area of law contains the substantive jurisprudence that applies to any forms of business relations, trade, businesses, rights of sales, and all things concerned with commerce. Some law dissertation topics in business field areas within the United Kingdom can be:

  • Effects of the international commercial law on the transfer of risk in a business
  • Effects of the tripartite system of finance in the United Kingdom on the states’ economic development
  • Review of the anti-corruption legislation and effect on businesses of a state.
  • The impact of the hard laws and soft laws on the governance of a company in relation to the accountability of directors
  • The impact of the laws governing investment services within the European Union on the financial service markets in the European Union

Immigration and human rights laws dissertation topics

The immigration and human rights laws aim to ensure the protection of human rights at all levels: international, regional and domestic level. The nature of existence as a global village makes these laws a focus for many law scholars and policymakers.  The choice of dissertation topic in international law to consider in the branch of law include:

  • Investigation on prisoner’s right to vote under the human rights law of Europe
  • The effect of international migration policies on the education industry
  • Investigating the impact of immigration detention privatization and related functions of the state
  • Critical analysis of immigration policies in Britain

Covid-19 Pandemic Law topics for your dissertation

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the most recent occurrences you can choose to focus on in your dissertation as it is an international problem. If you seek the most current event to cover in your dissertation, get topic for dissertation in international law focusing on pandemic laws. Some options of topics to give you ideas of topics to settle on are:

  • Effect of the Corona Virus pandemic on employment in the developing and developed economies of the world
  • A legal perspective of navigating the pandemic in the international sphere
  • Investigation on rumors of martial laws enforcement a result of the pandemic despite reassurances
  • Investigating the pandemic preparedness of organizations seeking to resume operations in the workplace


To present the best dissertation as a law student, you need to identify the best topic. The best and right choice of a topic needs to enable you to incorporate new ideas and experiments on the existing law theories covered in dissertations before. You are required to aim at adding knowledge to the field of coverage. Remember that law studies are interrelated with other disciplines such as engineering and healthcare, among others. Therefore, your options are vast. The essential factor in choosing the field that you understand how it is interrelated with your law studies. From the correct interpretation, you will develop a sound and articulate dissertation. Have a logical research topic so that you do not spend too much time and effort going back and forth in researching. After choosing a topic, remember to seek your supervisor’s input and confirmation before writing your dissertation. Such information will ensure your dissertation is unique, logical, able to solve practical problems, and can be implemented practically. That is the whole point of a dissertation.

04 Dec

What is Dissertation Research Methodology and How to Write It?

Need assistance creating the methodology section of your paper? It is common for students to seek dissertation help for this section because of what is required. Services like Mydissertationteam.com can come in handy. The section requires providing detailed analysis about your research. You provide in-depth information about how you reached results. The section discusses actions you took to reach your conclusion. As a significant part of your project it provides clear insight about your findings and helps others replicate your results. Here are some things to know about preparing your methodology.

Review Elements to Mention before Writing
Some find it easier to write the methodology section than to complete the dissertation literature review. Something to analyze before you start writing is the required research and forms of action you need to complete to get results and reach a conclusion for your project. These elements are what make up your methodology. Take notes as you start gathering data for your topic. You need to record your actions as you do them because it becomes part of your methodology. Think about the concept; it is providing a clear method to your approach that may be duplicated by another in the future.

Study Previously Written Content for Ideas
A sample paper may assist with writing this section or any form of academic writing, especially if you need help writing a thesis. Find past papers written on topics similar to your subject. Read the methodologies of the papers and note their similarities and differences. Think about how you need to align your actions with written content discussed in the section. You may get ideas for actions you want to do for your work such as making a graph, table, or make plans to interview people if your topic requires it. Reading a few written examples gets your mind on track to start the planning phase.

Prepare an Outline or Draft to Assist with Writing
It is easy to get dissertation help online from trusted academic sources at any time during the writing process. You can start writing notes about what to include in your methodology by assessing actions you know you will do or what you have already done. An outline helps collect notes and data while helping to structure and organize them. The outline is something you work on as you prepare your entire project. Use it to refer to supporting points you want to discuss or need additional information to prove. The outline will help you write a rough and final draft of your methodology.

Using an option such as dissertation writing services to assist with your writing is optional. Your completed methodology should provide information about how you gathered data for your work. It provides a form of proof for your findings while giving informative and direct access to facts and actions to support your position. Elements of your methodology can assist with creating the defense portion of your assignment while elaborating further from your initial proposal to start the research.

04 Dec

How To Get Ready For The Challenges Of Dissertation Defense

Defending your idea is an important part of any dissertation writing project. You are standing up for an idea or theory you believe in and your completed project acts as proof. Presenting a detailed defense for your project requires clear information that supports the scope of your work. Your proposal will assist with developing your defense. During the early stages of your preparation review sample content featuring ways to defend your findings. There are a few things you can do early in the process to help you prepare for a successful defense.

Consider Questions You Might Be Asked
You can buy bachelor dissertation content to use as a study model to assist with creating ideas and structuring your paper. Think about the process of the defense and what questions may come up. Your instructor should review the overall idea of a defense and present examples of how others previously defended their work. Use that insight to start focusing on areas of your work you think people will want to know about the most. Try to view your work from an outsider standpoint. In defending your work you need to know how to defend areas that will likely experience the most criticism.

Are There Areas of Your Work Unclear?
How do I write my dissertation about something of interest and defend my findings? You may view your work as complete and detailed, but to someone else they may want to know the specifics about certain elements of your work. They may want to know about something that is not written in your work but you can talk about verbally because of your research. Think about how to share insight about your work with a creative slant that is thought-provoking but different from research already completed. Sometimes a defense shares an opinion or view that wasn’t recognized in the past due to changes or adjustments within a field of study.

Identify Key Points to Strengthen Your Position
Using free dissertations online through academic databases provide some insight on how to prepare for your topic. To start building your defense think about the most significant developments related to your work and research. Consider how your interests led to you writing the paper on the topic you choose. Certain parts of your paper such as the results and conclusion will assist in developing a solid defense. It gets easier to defend your work when previous forms of research line up with your end result.

The dissertation review section may be easier to present once you understand how to defend your work. Understanding potential angles of your work will assist with preparing your defense. Think about different viewpoints your work may be viewed from and present your thoughts about your findings with sufficient information. Think about other projects connected to your work that can help support your position. You may want to review defense material created for those projects as a form of reference and inspiration.